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Highland Rim School

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About the School

Mission Statement

The mission of Highland Rim School is for all students leaving Highland Rim School to possess the basic skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will help them to be positive members of society.

About The School
Highland Rim School has been in operation since 1960 and has always been known as a school that stresses academic excellence. We expect each student to do his best every day. Highland Rim prides itself on being a high achieving, positive learning environment.

Our school has seen many building programs with the latest building program including a wing to house the addition of seventh and eighth grade students. This building program also included a wing for kindergarten and a newly renovated and enlarged library and cafeteria. Highland Rim also gained a new and larger gymnasium with this building program. In 2006, a Pre-K program was added. It is now operated in the Stone Bridge Academy building.

Lincoln County School System Mission
The mission of the Lincoln County School System, in partnership with parents, teachers, and the community, is to provide a safe, secure and positive learning environment for all students.

Lincoln County School System Vision
All graduates will value education, hold high expectations for themselves, and strive to be successful, responsible, and productive adults.

  • The primary responsibility of the teachers and parents of Highland Rim School is to prepare all students academically, emotionally, socially, and physically.
  • All students will achieve proficiency by actively engaging in problem-solving, skill building, and communication in every area of the curriculum.
  • Promote a high performing learning culture by having high expectations and using a variety of research-based assessment tools for student performance, including those dictated by policy, and directing progress of curriculum practices, instructional approaches and learning activities.